Russian bonds 2018 restructuring

Joint-Stock Company Oil & Gas Holding (JSC Oil & Gas Holding), a Russian vertically integrated oil and gas company of complete cycle, issuer of JSC Oil & Gas Holding bonds of the 4th series (state registration number of the issue: 4-04-65014-D as of 24.06.2010) and of the 6th series (state registration number of the issue: 4-06-65014-D as of 24.06.2010) (Bonds) inform you about the results of the general meetings of holders of Bonds which took place on May 25, 2018 in the format of voting by correspondence with the following agenda:

Item 1: "Consent to conclude on behalf of the bondholders a substitution agreement in relation to the Company obligations under the bonds by providing a substitution. Approval of terms of such agreement";

Item 2: "Granting the bondholders' representative the right to independently take decision on the consent for the Company to introduce changes to the decision on the Bonds issue (and/or to the Bonds Prospectus if necessary), related to the scope of rights under Bonds and procedure for their implementation".

JSC Oil & Gas Holding has managed to agree with the holders of Bonds the terms of Bonds restructuring. 84.96% of holders of bonds of the 4th series and 92.95% of holders of bonds of 6th series voted “for” the terms of Bonds restructuring.

JSC VTB Capital is an agent for the Bonds restructuring.

Information on conditions and progress of the restructuring will be published on the Internet sites with the following addresses: 

We kindly ask bondholders, who would like to receive information on the restructuring progress, to send the following details to the address to provide for further coordination:

  • name of the bondholder (for individuals – full name);
  • series and amount of owned bonds;
  •  if the holder does not participate in MICEX trading (trades via broker): the broker (trade participant) name, with whose help the holder conducts deals with the bonds;
  • contact details of the holder: telephone number and e-mail.